RIP Patrick Turner

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Patrick died late last week, after a long illness (here: Patrick-other-concerns)

Patrick was entertaining and provocative company, a talented man and a fine designer and builder of valve amplifiers.

He was a powerful cyclist with a fine nose for a good bottle of shiraz :drink:and an ear for a decent LP.:sax: And generous with information, including medical data that he shared with other cancer survivors.
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RIP a great teacher

Patrick's site was my go-to site for finding out some of the detail, and being entertained by his writing style. Another direct link to the glory days of tube design has gone, and I feel the loss from the personality that jumped out of his articles, making them so much more than just dry reference material.

I wonder, as a legacy to this wonderful guy who strove to put all this useful information onto his site, whether DiyAudio could provide a service to host those pages as some sort of archive, and honour his name at the same time?
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Late to the gathering on this one, sorry folks.

Many of us who have moved in the Australian and Canberra audio scene are stunned by Pat's passing. He always appeared larger than life, in person, on the phone or in discussion on the web.

Few have taken the time to learn from scratch so much and taken the time to apply it.

Pat was immensely derisive of supposedly high end companies who cut corners and trimmed costs at the expense of stability, reliability and good engineering, and would happily email manufacturers direct to tell them what they were doing wrong when a patient crossed his workbench that should never have been there if someone had bothered to design it properly.

He taught me a lot and he will be missed.
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This is really sad.You can hardly find such great people that will take their time to advise and answer personal emails comming from people that he never saw or knew or had any benefit from...still...he was able to fight a cancer day by day, hour by hour for more than a decade now.I found him to be a true hero and a marvelous person.Although not religious i really hope there's a Heaven for people like him.
Hi stevenrotterdam
I only found out earlier today and used HTTrack website copier to download the entire site and burnt it to a DVD the software stated some files were missing, I tried my off-line version and every thing seemed to work. While reading about Patricks 845 monoblock amplifier I happened across these words by Patrick.


So if you need a new PT for these kind of amps, you would have to consider
completely re-designing and re building one big PSU to cater for both channels. Experts who specialize in such work have all retired or died, and I've retired, and will die soon.

So sad! once again R.I.P. and thanks for all the hard work.
Ken Kranz