Recommended phono preamp kit

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Seems like I've got some pretty good options here, I'm probably going to start with the PH-16 (board set only) since it seems like the most straightforward to build. I've got alot of spare parts for the chassis so shouldn't come out too expensive.

The ones I'd be interested to try afterwards is SY's design, Borbley 5842 (since I've got a nice matched pair of Ericsson 417A and Amperex gold pin 5842), and lastly Steve Bench RIAA 5.

I'll report back in a few years 😂


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Worth it, why not? I’ve always been interested in various phono stage topologies and I learn something new with each project.

I’ve built SS ones — Salas FSP Ultra, Pass Pearl 2 (x2), Millett LRP (x2), RJM Emerald, Bugle 2…
No tube designs yet, hence this thread.

I’ve got a Technics SL-1200G which unfortunately is back at the dealer for a repair and using a Thorens TD-309 in the meantime.
Carts are AT-VM540ml, Goldring 1042, AT OC9-XEN….
I’ll eventually get an ART9XA or HANA ML when one or two wear out.

My collection isnt that large, about 200 LPs but I only buy albums I really like.
Yessss!!! You are my kind of vinylista..

Let's build a valve phono stage.
So many topologies to choose from .....common garden grounded cathode amplifier, grounded grid, cathode follower etc,etc.
Will it be a passive filter riaa ,an active filter,or one that combines both,or a split riaa.
Use a pentode,use a triode,use both...
How about a hybrid of valve and silicon....oh my this hobby will do your head in! I love the smell of rosin as it drifts into my nose.
I say bulid them all and let your ears and test equipment aware that your analogue source will need to fit this straight jacket.
A universal power supply of about 300Vdc in a separate box with at least 2-3 heater dc outputs for low noise.
Use lots of chokes...they sound wonderful.Scour your favourite surplus stores for bargains.Hamfests and over here Radiorallies are great sources for these.
That Baseline Ht of 300Vdc can be then regulated.Which will it be? Series regulated or shunt.
I say try them all.
Oh by the way, be sure to have good stock of wood plank for your breadboard.
Try to keep as many of your projects as never know how well one may match up with your future analogue setup.
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