Recommended phono preamp kit

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Hey all,

My system is all SS these days and I think the phono pre could be a reasonable component to incorporate tubes.

In an attempt to scope the discussion, I will ask for opinions on the quality of the designs in some of the more readily available kits such as:

Or well-proven designs using 6922 or 5842 (of which I have quite a few nice NOS tubes).

Thanks !
There are many more preamps than those, and each will have some who like them.
Which is best is a matter of opinion, and yours is the only one that matters.
Don't think the schematics of the first three are available anyway.

Just start building, you can always do another one. They don't cost that much in parts.
Try to find some inexpensive chassis.
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If you already have some tubes, you could choose designs that use the tubes you have.

6922 = E88CC = 6DJ8 = ECC88 = 6N23P = 7308 ... Well, not 100% exactly, but really, really close.

The whole 6DJ8/ECC88 family is very popular for use in phono preamps. There are so many well-regarded circuits that use these triodes.

Check out kevinkr's Muscovite Mini III (which uses 6N23P, but 6922 will sub fine).

The RJM Phono Preamp is popular. It's very simple. Far simpler than the Muscovite Mini III.

5842 is a nice tube. I was just looking at a Borbely design that's supposed to be good (although I haven't built one or heard one).

There are many, many tube phono preamp designs. If you search the Tubes/Valves forum and Analog Source forum here on diyAudio, you'll find a lot of good looking possibilities.

rayma is right about opinions on what is 'best'. I've been on a phono preamp adventure for the last year or so, and have gone from 12AX7s and 12AT7s to FET/12AU7 cascode with 6DJ8 output, to an all op-amp design... and what I think is 'best' keeps changing. If I can't decide what's best for me, how can I decide what's best for somebody else?
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Steve Bench RIAA 5 - I built one of these in the late 90s, still have it today. Fantastic!
Use shield tube sockets on the inputs.

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I highly recommend the PH16 phono preamp sold assembled or as a kit by Tubes4hifi. Online support available.
I am using mine with a Technics 1200G turntable. I did a lot of parts upgrade during the original build.
The reviews are all stellar. It uses 6922 or equivalent tubes.