RCF pro subwoofer - what kind of enclosure ?


2004-06-25 8:45 am
Hi, i have my old ( but new :) ) RCF L15P200AK ( im italiannnn ).
Is a 4ohm 15" pro woofer, whit 800 wrms ( but in my car was powered whit 1000 w rms reflex enclosure without problem ).
Now i want to make an enclosure for use in pubs or indoor ( i've a metal band ) or for home cinema use ( lol :D ).

im thinking about a 4th or 6th order box, but qts is 0.35: low for 4th and high for 6th. i havent try 4th or 6th order box on my project, but i must optimize linearity and efficiency..
Some ideas and knowledge about?
Sorry for my bad english

Some value:

Resonance frequency: 38 Hz
DC resistance: 5.9Ω
Mechanical factor: 6.8
Electrical factor: 0.38
Total factor: 0.35
BL Factor: 21.2 T · m
Effective Moving Mass: 121 g
Equivalent Cas air load: 139 liters
Effettive piston area: 0.083 m²
Max. linear excursion (mathematical): 9.8 mm
Voice - coil inductance @ 1kHz: 2.2 mH
Half-space efficiency: 1.93%
Hi Mordor,

This driver of yours is IMO very good for both home or PA use as using a very favorable compression ratio:

This property makes it possible to lightly damp ~half of the airways for a TH that would move possible SQ into the HiFI area realm without loosing low end efficiency and sounding like an T_TQWT.



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