Push-pull sub question


2013-09-16 8:01 pm
Sorry to keep asking, does it matter what side the magnet side out driver is facing?

AIUI, the magnet and frame assembly will be invisible to subwoofer frequencies due to their wavelengths just wrapping round the objects in question, so no, it doesn't matter whether you have the speaker cone front or the magnet assembly facing you.

Only thing to take account of is that when running near Xmax (if designed to do so), there might be some mechanical noise from the large movement of the cone and suspension components, or some noise from any cooling vents in the pole/magnet assembly, so you might want to orientate the box so the driver that has its cone facing outside the box is towards you if you have a box with drivers on opposite sides. (If the box is an M&K clone, mount the reversed driver underneath so that higher frequency mechanical noises from large excursion could be masked by a carpet or rug, perhaps?)

That said, I rarely hear any mechanical noise from my PPSL subwoofers (you should be able to find my build thread through my profile page) and would highly recommend them for their 'transparent' bass sound (presumably from the cancellation of the even order harmonics, as mentioned above) so if you have the space available, consider making a PPSL box yourself :)
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