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PSU Caps

I've recently begun to clear out my store/work room due to too much storing leaving not enough space for working :eek:
I've come across several boxes of large electrolytic caps that I'm unlikely to ever use, but that may be useful to some of you guys.

Here's what I've got so far:

SIC SAFCO 10,000uf, 25V nominal, 30V peak. Including terminals these are 90mm long, 35mm diameter. Screw terminals with M4 screws included. I have at least 60 of these.

SIC SAFCO 22,000uf, 16V nominal, 20V peak. 90mm long x 50mm diameter. Screw terminals with M5 screws. I have about 20 of these.

Sprague Powerlytic 9,000uf, 50VDC. 105mm long, 50mm diameter, screw terminals (no screws in these) look to be M5. I have 48 of these.

I know there's a lot of other caps hiding around the place, so I'll add these as and when I find them.

I've got no idea what any of these are worth, so make me an offer - I'm just trying to get some work space back.