problems with bulb


2008-03-06 6:57 pm

i have some problems with the bulb (look at the pictures)
My projector is InFocus X1, original lamp is a SHP 150W!

I have ordered a new lamp through the seller of the projector!
He did not want to give me the adress, but I guess he ordered the bulb from 18wheeler.
But now I am not sure anymore, that this bulb is the right one!

When the projector tries to ignite the bulb, one can see only a small blue light at the negative connected electrode!

Is this bulb for D.C. use at all?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm a newbie from germany!

Thanks in advance



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2008-03-06 6:57 pm
@ ywh: Thank you for your answers!

unfortunately, I did not succeed in starting the lamp!

I followed your instructions, laid the - wire outside the reflector, but again there was only a small blue shining light at the - electrode visible!

By the way. For what is the second thin cable, which is also connected to the - wire and is closed in a loop behind the glas ball (look at the first picture )?