PPI A1200


2006-09-22 8:32 am
I recieved this amp in for repair.

Someone has worked on this amp before and well put NTE parts in it for the outputs. So thet have to be switched back to the orginals.

The parts circled in blue is the NTE part the emitter resistors dont look right either . They should all be 0.33 ohms correct?

Also the 2 large resistors with the blue arrow pointing to them are they the right resistors or not? They are marked 3.9K 10%

Also Q75,Q74 Q77 Q76 appear to have been messed with also heres whats in thoose locations now Wondering if they are the correct parts





Any help would greatly be appericated.


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2006-09-22 8:32 am
Thanks Perry,

I will replace thoose parts and look through the rest of the amp also.

The power supply fets have been replaced at 1 time also .

The fets that are in the amp right now are :p60N06's with 22 ohm gate resistors .

Are theese the right fets for this amp?


2006-09-22 8:32 am
The resistors are directly in front of the ones in the pic .

Also is the amp suppose to have a busbar like in the pic??

There are 2 locations in this amp marked GND by the outputs that appear that something has been soldered there before but not now If you need more pics let me know