PM woes...

Switches things on and off again
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How does this happen?......................................

content of message deleted by Moderation.

Spammers gonna spam.

And the fact we're running this forum using old, outdated software (soon to be switched to new shiny, more spam resistant software).

I got a notification that a person called ruthchristopher74220 had attempted to send me a pm. As it happens, my in box was full. Feeling lucky.

You missed out, she had a sexy message for you. Alas, they have now all been deleted.

My messages connect box has disappeared from up in the top right hand corner of the screen - so I have no access to sending or receiving messages - what has happened?

It looks like that when the PM system is turned off, or your usergroup has PMs turned off.

Does this problem include the fact that I have no PM count by my screen name and no pull down in quick links allowing me to check PMs. Looked everywhere and can’t find a way to get to them.

Sorry for the repeat...I’m a slow poster.

The entire PM system was shut down (and now turned back on), while I cleaned up the mess. All the spam PMs have been deleted and the spam users banned.

For now, all moderated members (new members who haven't proved themselves with a reputable posting history) have PMs disabled (this wasn't the case before).

All regular, non-moderated members have their PMs now re-enabled.
Good call. No I hadn't.
It isn't there. I haven't sent any.

Maybe it is just a glitch.
It states in 'Your notifications' top right, 'Unread Private messages 1'.
I click on it and it says I have 1 message stored of a total 100. But inbox and sent state 0.
Plus I received an email telling me I received one.