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Please check these parts for SSE?


A comment on the coupling caps - some folks (including myself) have gone for more fancy caps like Auriocap, Clarity, Jantzen superior Z etc. As I have not done any head to head comparison will not be able to comment on the real life difference between your choice and such caps. Since you plan to order from PE, you can look up the Jantzen Superior Z and see if it fits your overall plan/budget:

Jantzen 0.22uF 1200V Z-Superior Capacitor

The EH 12AT7WC tube doesn't have good feedback on the PE site (albeit the application for the customer was not a hifi amp). Anywhere else you read reviews?

BTW, you will need 3 x 8 pin socket for 2 x EL34 and 1 x 5AR4.

1 x 9 pin tube socket for 12AT7. (Probably you already knew that :))

Hi zman,

Thank you for the suggestions. I have few fancy caps with me but not sure about the voltage rating. If it is below 600v I will get those Jantzen or this.

I didn't checked anywhere else for EH 12AT7WC as I have wholesale account with PE.

Any way i will be updating few items before placing the order. I will post the updated list soon. Planing to go for KT88 instead of EL34.

Last parts to have the complete package
Only thing missing should be the chassis/case and wiring

Any suggestions on what (specs) to use for wiring? We have a radioshack here.

Output transformer
I decided on this choke
C-14X Triad Magnetics | Mouser
And this power supply cap
Run Capacitor 100 MFD uf 370 440 V Vac Volts Round AC Electric Motor HVAC | eBay

All of the above based on what I think I understand from the tubelab site, this forum and the internet:)
The transformers will already have most of your wiring. You will need some
wiring for connecting the mains input adaptor to your power switch, for
UL/Triode, CFB and Tube rectifier switches if you plan to use these. Also for
your RCA input connections and for connections to your star ground point.

Tubelab recommends wire of at least 300V and of 20 AWG thickness. The wire
you link to are only 60V maximum.

I got my hook up wire on Ebay from this guy, he has an assortment and
charge the same shipping for one or more items --

This is 1Kv rating and is equivalent to 20 AWG thickness -

16 0 2mm Single Core Hook Up Wire Coloured 22M Pack | eBay

Here is a list of the wire he offers -

spiratronics | eBay

You should also consider getting some suitable quick connectors and ring connectors for your wire.
These are useful for when you first build your amp and checking to ensure its working
properly. Later you can solder the connections.
I assume you already have a multimeter with suitable clip on connectors for when you
do your check out.
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A question on wiring.

Would one of these packages be suitable for the wiring of the SSE?

Are there any parts that need different wiring because of the voltage and can your recommend some 'general available' wire for that than can be found in a DIY store or alike?



Use PTFE wire for good conductivity as they have silver coating and reliability at high operating temperature.

5855/7 RD005 Alpha Wire | A58557R-100-ND | DigiKey

The Digikey link is for reference, this will be available locally at different gauges and colors.

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Hi Jock,

I got my PCB and other components yesterday. Next on the list is Power transformer and OPTs.

For power transformer i am planning to use toroidal. Is there any issue with using a toroidal transformer in a tube amp?

It will be really helpful if someone can point me the details for winding the OPT for SSE. Shipping OPTs from US to India is costing a lot.



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2011-02-04 11:35 am

Winding OPTs will not be easy for a newbie... and yes, the shipping from US to South Asian countries costs a lot. If you have no great hurry you can consider Edcor GXSE - will cost you less and are pretty compact (decent performers though according to builders). 2 x Edcor GXSE OPT and 1 x choke should weigh under 10 pounds... have a look at the Edcor website and send them a mail for a shipping estimate?

On your toroidal power transformer - have you found a unit with the right voltages?

Actually there is a local transformer winding guy here, but he don't know to size the transformer according to our specification. If i provide the wire gauge, turns, bobbin dimension etc he will do it.

I already got a quote from Edcor and the shipping cost is more than the actual product cost.

For choke i broght Hammond 194D from Mouser.

Toroidal transformer is not an issue here, I have a supplier who can custom build it according to our requirement.