Pictures of your diy Pass amplifier

My reworked F5 turbo v3. I have been using Polk cobra in 4x parallel runs with success and great results but this cable is infamous for frying amps. I noticed they run a little hotter when using the Cobra vs a standard copper cable. I recall seeing Nelson Pass has commented on this cable and had a work around to solve any problems with capacitance, Im just not sure what I need to do. The alternative is to use another cable but I really don't want to use anything else. Maybe Nelson Can kindly advise on what I need to do and what parts would be recommended.


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Is there an advantage of running these balanced outside of the xls? That looks really nice! Where did you get the Chassis? Are you happy with the quality?
In terms of sound, I don't think there is (single ended = 2nd order harmonic, balanced = 3rd order harmonic I believe). The main reason was that originally I was using an ACA (originally) and 86dB drivers, and I wasn't sure if I'd have enough puff. Going balanced would mean higher output. But with the Aleph J I have way more volume than I need, so for now I'll stick to single ended.

It's a cheap(ish) Chinese chassis off eBay. They always have quirks (this one had a front panel power switch that didn't fit, and unusual XLR mounting hole spacing), but the quality is fine.
Thanks. I am getting a DAC (D90) today with some balanced inputs and had thought about going down the XLR road. From what I understand, it is a good idea to have the preamp far away from the power supply section. However, if you're not getting any noise, I suspect it isn't a problem.
Cool! I covet the D90... looks like a really nice DAC. I'd be interested in how you find it.

You can't really see it in the pictures, but there's a 5mm thick wall between the power supply and the preamp board (it came with the enclosure). I think that might be taking care of any power supply interference noise? Anyway, it's quiet enough for me.
I have about 4 hours listening to it. I went from a Modi 3+ to this Topping D90 non-MQA. The improvement is very obvious the amount of detail, black background etc. I am very impressed. My speakers are much more revealing than I thought.

Looking back, after experiencing how much of a difference this DAC made, I would have found a way to buy one a lot sooner. I was skeptical so I was hesitant due to the things that people say. I would suggest that if you can find something like this used, just get it. It is a no brainer. Most of the time you can recoup your money back anyways. Popular DACs have good resale right now.