Peerless Subwoofer


2002-06-06 4:43 am
XLS drivers

I have used both the 10 inch and 12 inch XLS drivers. Both are great sounding drivers. If I were you I would stick to the standard driver and avoid use of the passive radiator. Passive radiator drivers are much more difficult to align properly and they go deeper in bass but don't have as much slam as a normal driver .
Both drivers sound great in a bass reflex cabinet and go very loud and deep which is what I guess you are looking for. In addition the enclosures are pretty small for such large drivers.

This is the drawings of the 12" peerless version. The element you should be able to pick up locally, as you should the amplifier. If not, consider going to for some great deals (not in OZ). Better still, consider rolling your own amp ...

The original request was for box size which you see in the diagrams of the PDF file.

I can help you with translation should you desperately need it.

griff said:
Ive been told that a Shiva will kill the peerless in every aspect, im still tempted to get one as at speakerbits in Port Melb
I've lived in Port Melbourne all my life, and know the place like the back of my hand, but I've never seen speakerbits anywhere. Strangely, they only have a P.O. Box as ther address, and not a street address. Have you dealt with them Griff?

You can buy Shivas, Tempests, Maelstroms and Brahmas from Acoustic Concepts in Melbourne
03 9595 1622

You can also buy two different 12" Peerless XLS / Redgum amp based kits from "the loudspeaker kit" shop in Melbourne as well
03 9331 5857

Speakerbits is for real, I haven't dealt with them, but my friend has.




2001-12-26 9:04 pm

Pete Mazz

I think I saw a thread on what will be known as Tumult on another forum - can't find the link any more. Was this driver discussed on a home theater forum somewhere? If so, can you point me back to that link? Do you have any information on a release date or proposed box sizes/designs?

Thanks much.

Adire's new driver "Tumult". From Dan in
this thread.

Fs: 16 Hz
Qms: 4.15
Qes: 0.395
Qts: 0.360
Vas: 226 liters
Re: 3.14 Ohms
Le: 3.05 mH
BL: 16.16 Tm
Xmax: 36.27mm one way
Sd: 737 cm^2
SPL: 85.7 dB @ 1W, 1m

This is a 15" driver, with a single 4 Ohm voice coil. It has our XBL2 technology, so the BL is ultra-flat; around 29mm one way before the BL drops 10%.

I worked to make it fit for many applications; here's some potential boxes/uses:

Sealed: 3 cubic feet, stuffed with 48 ounces of polyfill, yields a Qtc=0.66, with an F3 of 30 Hz

Linkwitz Transform: stuff it in a 16" external cube (net around 40 liters), and LT as needed. Around 8.5 dB of gain to get a Qtc=0.707/F3=25 Hz. VERY nice setup for home use.

Vented/PR: One good alignment is 6 cubic feet, tuned to 17 Hz. Goosed with 1400W, it's completely linear up to stupid levels. Boxes between 4 and 10 cubic feet look good for this guy, when sealed.

IB: Fs of 16 Hz, mondo-huge Xmax, decent efficiency means great output.

Pre-orders should start soon, Ihope.

Don’t go any bigger then 12”…

Don’t go any bigger then 12”…
In my experience the bass gets loose and muddy when driven at higher levels.
I would stay with a 12” or if you want the sub to really slam you about your room you could do a duel 10” or 12” ether way you will get a better sound out of it, but if you don’t care about sound quality such as a person who listens to rap at more the a 100bd then and cant tell the difference between clean bass and muddy bass then save some money and go for the 15”. A single 12” should do the job fine but if you want to go big and have fantastic clean bass go with the dual 10” or 12”. This is just my personal tastes, some people swear by 15”s but I don’t like the sound of most the ones I have heard. And also remember that you can have the best driver in the world and it will suck if it is in a badly designed enclosure.
Well that’s my 2 cents.:D

Unfortunately u still have to filter out the crap.

Go the Shiva or Peerless, you cant go wrong either way really. The Tumult wont be out til end of september and if your like me, then waiting that long is not an option. The Tumult will also most likely be twice the price, and us in Aus cant really take advantage of the pre-order prices as the shipping will cost an arm and a leg.