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PeeCeeBee PSU GB

C10,C9 is missing. where to buy ??


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2013-11-26 6:32 am
I've finally read through this thread and put down what seem to be important. one question before ordering the parts, I have one 600va (40 dual secondary) trans and two psu. Which is recommended, individual psu for each channel(15000*4) or one psu for two channel with larger capacitors(22000uf or higher *4)? The psu board has two channel on it. That's why I wonder which is better.


2009-03-03 6:52 pm
Hi Supernet.

You can use F30UA60S which are 30A rated.
Or you can use an off-board bridge rectifier module and connect its +out to cathode of D1 and -out to anode of D8.

edit: if you use the off-board bridge, connect the transformer's AC outputs to anode of D1 and cathode of D8 via a 1Kohm safety resistor in series with each AC connection (two resistors needed). You can use one AC output for each connection.
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