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PeeCeeBee PSU GB


2009-03-03 6:52 pm
Update (October 6 2021):

PSU Revision 1 PCBs available. Shipping resumed to most countries worldwide.


Hello members.

Finally the PeeCeeBee PSU has been completed and as promised group buys will be arranged through this thread.

It is a simple unregulated CRC dual power supply with two separate speaker protection segments on-board, powered directly from the rails eliminating the need for separate speaker protection modules and power supplies, and minimizing the amount of cabling inside the cabinet. The PSU can be used for any amplifier that uses dual power rails (i.e. +V, -V and Ground).


> Accepts both dual-secondary and center-tapped transformers.
> Diodes at edge of board, can be soldered underboard and mounted on chassis base-plate if desired.
> Accepts upto 35mm reservoir capacitors in two-pin (10mm) and four-pin (22.5mm) snap-in packages.
> Rail contacts for two channels. Fuses at rail outputs. Rail power indicator LEDs.
> Can be used for any voltage from +/-20V to +/-56V.
> Five ground contacts for two amplifier channels, two speaker returns and chassis ground.
> Independent two channel discrete speaker protection circuits powered from rails.
> Allocation for Single/Double contact relays in two different form factors.
> DC sense(<60mS), AC loss sense(<100mS) and power-off instant reset(<500mS).

As the relays are powered from rails, series resistor (R9, R10, R11, R12) value will need to be calculated for different rail voltages. It's simple and is described with example in the schametic. Procedure for preparing the board for either dual-secondary or center-tapped secondary AC input has also been indicated in the schematic. The six small plated holes near 0V AC input in the layout are for better contact between top and bottom ground traces.

Screenshots of the layout:




The schematic: (>Full Size<)


Download BOM Here: PeeCeeBee PSU BOM

Download Drill Template Here: SVG Format / PDF Format


Group-Buy Information:

The PCB is 5.4" x 4.4" (137.16mm x 111.76mm) 2-layer and has six plated insulated M3 mounting holes. Printed boards will have 2.4mm thickness, 2 oz. copper, HASL finish, white silkscreen and black solder mask.

> PCB price US$20 for one unit.

> Two forms of shipping available.

1. International Air Parcel (recommended, 15-20 days delivery time, a bit expensive. Covers most countries).
2. Registered Post (cheaper, 30-40 days delivery time. Available for all countries)

> After GB list PCB quantity reaches 50 PCBs, PM will be sent to each GB member for email address to which first invoice for PCB price will be sent. After payment GB order will be confirmed for the member and PCB batch will be ordered to fab shortly afterwards (usually within 20 days of GB start). Delay between placing the batch order to PCB plant and delivery of the boards to me will be 18-20 days. After I receive the PCB batch, second invoice for shipping charge corresponding to preferred mode of shipment (International Air Parcel or Registered Post) will be sent to each member and shipping will follow after payment.

> International payments are accepted through PayPal only and payments from within India are accepted through bank account deposit, NEFT, IMPS etc.


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Paid Member
2005-12-04 11:46 pm
I'd like to have 2 PCBs if possible

Total list

Nisbeth - 4 PCBs
loafimus - 1 PCBs
fencki - 1 PCBs
yoaudio - 2 PCBs
asuslover - 1 PCBs
bvtrinh - 2 PCBs
NishantS - 1 PCBs
solviken - 2 PCBs
helfred - 4 PCBs
kokanee - 4 PCBs
Lutto - 4 PCBs
Gwrskien - 4 PCBs
craydive - 6 PCBs
CitizenKane - 4 PCBs
SigFire - 2 PCBs

Total : 42 PCBs

Greez & Thanks