Pass SLOB Build Discussion

I quickly put together one of the SLOBs to have a look today...

Is the tweeter a Saba?
I've just been installing the drivers into SLOB #1. #2 to follow shortly then it's just a case of hooking up the drive units and sorting out the amplification and crossover. Oh, and somehow transport them downstairs from my man cave to the listening room


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Aurel Bryan sell direct, the FB profile is linked below and I've had good responses to questions I've posted to it.

There are three 8in full range units in their range (mine are the Mk 2 version of the Ferrite);
  • 8" Ferrite - FR8Fe-Mk3
  • 8" Neodymium - FR8NEO-Mk3
  • 8" Field Coil - FR8FCM-Mk3
The pricing is competitive IMO and it will be interesting to hear how they perform on the SLOBs.
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Having built a slob for my man cave I thought we could/should have a pair in the living room as well. This of course had to deal with WAF, and employing a cunning plan I managed to lower the resistance. For this I used my solid mahogany horns, bought over 20 years ago at Maison du Hautparleur in Paris for frequencies from 580 hz upwards. Getting these safe incorporated in the SLOB was a lot more work than expected, of course.
Still trying to get filtering ok but SWMBO loves them as they are.....


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