Pam8403. How to isolate gndin to gnd


2016-03-18 3:33 pm
Hi guys, i'm new to the forum.
I have some problem to Connect this device with one single battery. I think the problem is on the connection of the max4466 electret. It has a common ground and it make me impossible the connection with the pam 8403 that have separate ground. Audio- and battery -. How can i Connect it properly? Maybe a diode? i attached an image. when i use these chips with two different batteries it works very well. Please help me


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Welcome to diyAudio :)

Hmmm... well I can't see any obvious reason this would not work. I suspect you might need to add a series coupling capacitor to the audio output from the MAX4466. Its worth trying. Use something like a 47uf 16 volt electrolytic with the + (plus) end connected to the MAX4466