PA midrange for HiFi 3way

I am building a new Active 3way loudspeakers. The woofer will be Beyma 12LX60V2 in 80l box tuned to 30Hz. I plan to use 18sound 6nd430 as midrange. There are 2 other options:
Beyma 605Nd or 6P200Fe

The inspiration is from

Do you have any experience with these midranges as High end home audio?

As tweeter there are 3 options:
Beyma TPL150
Seas DXT
SS 6600

Do you have any experience with these tweeters?

THX in advance


2008-09-22 4:37 am
I've used the B&C 6md38 and the 18sound and preferred the B&C tone. Both were used as midranges in the same system. The B&C was also easier to cross to the tweeter which was 2nd order at 3.5khz. It may have been the high crossover point as the B&C didn't beam as badly which I attributed to the shape of the cone.


2008-02-22 3:16 pm
im experienced with the beyma tweeter, if you have the money, go for it.
Take off the back and cross around 1.5k - 2k

For mids, the 6nd430 open baffle and cross before 2k. 24db/oct

I have the 6nd430 ready to go in a project combined with the beyma tweeter, but I have no experienced with them yet.

Good luck


2007-04-11 11:28 pm
I can't comment on the midranges as I do not know them, but these two

Seas DXT
SS 6600

will never, in no way, be able to catch up in level with the woofer and midrange. They will, however, work quite well under "home hi-fi" conditions.

You want a good compression driver with a small horn instead. Will be even cheaper than the impressive Beyma TPL.
My crossover points are 250-300Hz and 2-2,2kHz. As i told i will use miniDSP and separate amps it means I am flexible in crossover points and also in efficiency o.f the drivers
I use the audax pr170 crossed around 350hz and 5khz. The sound is sublime. efficiency is 100db. its a incredible driver. It is the best mid I have ever heard.
I use the beyma 12br70 for my bass need, and the two blend seemlessly.
look around for what people think of the audax, thorsten loesch for example, which is a reference in audio thinks highly of this driver...