Orion 3000.1DSPLX V4 - No Output switching

I don’t see any other spot I can use as probe ground, unless I’m totally overlooking something. I apologize


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Ty Perry, I never realized that.

Much different readings now

Pin 1: 1.5v
Pin 2: .9v
Pin 3: 15mv
Pin 4: 2v (probing wether I had anything grounded or not still made amp make a weird feedback sound, but idle current didn’t jump this time)
Pin 5: .7v
Pin 6: 8.1v
Pin 7: 19mv
Pin 8: .01v
O geez, I wrote it reversed 5-8, I apologize.

Pin 1: 1.5v
Pin 2: .9v
Pin 3: 15mv
Pin 4: 2v
Pin5: .01v
Pin 6: 19mv
Pin 7: 8.1v
Pin 8: .7v

I will double check my probing notes orientation from now on, not trying to make simple posting mistakes burning time. Sorry
1Ω each across R593A, B, C

Yes I removed each from circuit and both are not giving a reading. Mine are labeled 1R0. My meter is an auto so shouldn’t have a problem measuring up to and past 1MΩ

Also R596 behind the transformer almost looks cracked? Can’t make out the markings but it’s reading 135Ω i circuit. just wanted to double check if possible.


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Wow, so all 3 of these resistors are not correct 🤯 why would they place a 1R0 in place of a 1M? Is each RW74 & R543 supposed to each be 1M?

I forgot to remove DW71 to test if it still measures 65Ω/68Ω out of circuit but for that Ic that’s pretty close to shorted right? Do you have the IC model for that? Never changed one of those out.

And ya that makes sense on R596 cuz the last letter did look like a 3 before I tried to clean it up. Man if this is what’s really what that means somehow an 1R0 was installed instead of the proper 1M in each spot. Big difference between 1 and 1,000,000 Ω 😅 no wonder it didn’t last long, literally brand new HCCA 3000.1DSPLX V4
Would you try placing the correct values in each area even tho these had different from the factory? I want to try installing the 2x 1m resistors in R543 and RW74 and 3.3k in R596 but worried about that DW71 being damaged and factory installed components not being what you have listed :/ what would you do?
R596 is completely burnt up as well. That 135 Ω measurement is there with no resistor …wow man. I’m guessing DW71 is burnt up as well, or almost there he feels being able to “jump start” the HIN to the ir2110s …I don’t know enough to know but dang, what a weird problem. If you do know what DW71 is it would be much appreciated, ty Perry 🙏🏻
Just found out a Friend is having a problem in same area of the new 4500.1DSPLX and the resistors in his areas are 0Ω, this must be related.

Pic from his board.

His problem took out the transformer I guess, no output switching even after fixing it, saying soon as output ICs start switching the signal is getting shunted to ground? He’s way above my pay grade. Like your level 😅 but ya man they must be related, and not a small thing, also the listed 1M might be wrong? I have a buddy who just bought 6 of these, I’m gona get some pics of his unused amps when he gets home to check resistor values in his, same exact version.


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Understood, ty

Also, I know I jumped the gun after you told me to take pics of the rear of the transformer, etc. ya as there another area you wanted to scope out or you think these are the problem? I mean of course they are, but anything else I should check out you think?

The diode @ DW71 is a 1SS355 diode for notes sake btw. Parts incoming so I’ll update post after I replace them.

Ty for your Help Perry, you always get me fixing something wether it’s directly (usually:) or indirectly, can’t thank you enough 🙏🏻 I’ll report back by end of week.
Hi Perry, sorry about the slow reply on this one, waiting for parts from overseas order and got caught up on others.

I can ask him if he has one working enough to get the voltages you want.

I replaced the 2x1R0 resistors @ R543 & RW74

As well as the 1x 1SS355 diode @ DZW71

No change on output switching, still doing exact same.
Just an update, I have found that D584&D585 seems to be burnt out (I replaced a burnt resistor on same path @ R595 so makes sense) as they are reading a few K both ways, the same ES1G @ D5 is is reading about 3.5mil only 1 way, being diodes is also a dead giveaway 😅 will report back once I replace each of them


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