Open baffle subs and Maggies

I've decided that I'm going to get another pair of Maggies. I sold my last pair of modified MG-I's in search of greener grass. Should have kept them...

Anyways, I've listened to the Emerald Physics CS2's and I was very impressed with the Eminence 15A's that they use. I'm thinking of doing something similar, four 15A's and an SMS-1 to control them.

Any thoughts on that setup before I jump headfirst into it? I haven't seen much talk of OB subs being used with Magnepans before and was curious if there might be a reason behind it.

Thanks ahead of time.
Luke, you may know about this already, but check out the Maggie Users' Group (MUG) and related links:

I have read that integrating with a sub requires a little extra patience, though have not attempted this myself - I think there is info, or links to it via the MUG. I'm perfectly happy with a healthy pair of SMGa speakers.


Let's try this again.


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Just a normal "H" baffle. Dimensions are 34" W * 18" H * 16" D.

The woofers seemed like a good gamble at the time. I was considering the Dayton Reference 12" which were the newest thing going back then, but I spotted these on some clearance sale from Crutchfield that was buy one for $100 and get one free! To make the deal even sweeter, they were offereing free shipping on orders over $299, so I got that too! I ended up with 6, thinking of an IB set-up, but that didn't work out so I whipped up the "H" baffles and haven't looked back since.

They turned out to be really great for an open baffle system. Very quite at high excursions, no air chuffing or misc rubbing/flapping sounds and don't require much EQ thanks to the Qts of .5.

See here for the specs and a larger image.
Check this thread and MJK's paper that it refers to:

MJK's OB thread

Even if you're not using MMG-Ws (the only single driver maggie), the theory there should apply, and given that Maggies are pretty insensitive, you shouldn't have any trouble mating them with a proper OB woofer. In fact, the whole thing is based around the assumption of using Eminence 15As.