Official M2 schematic

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For all the Greedy Boyz,

The M2 officially discontinued, here is the official schematic, assuming that
it has not otherwise been posted.

In particular note the interesting bias circuit that you can use elsewhere.



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Now that I think about it a larger number would make more sense. Less dumb means more smart.
I think I was reading the intelligence meter not the dumb meter. It must be 0.02 PicoSmarts (not very smart).
I'll have a brainwave later and redeem myself for this lack of intelligence.
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I'm thinking it might be beneficial to make R6 45k, assuming P1 sets DC Offset

count on Ugs difference between N and P mosfets , for same current

however , as with all Papa's schematics - count on fact that he's usually taking parts from pre-selected drawers** , so changing any appropriate resistor (say for + or - 10%) if needed on the fly, is trivial thing to him

(one of) purpose(s) of all these schematics thrown on all of us in past few decades is pretty much the same - to same things became trivial to us , too

** he didn't said that , but logic dictates the same, for most cases ;
however , upon completing the amp , if output offset stubbornly stays negative , decrease R6 ; if it stays positive , decrease R7 ; I believe I needed 39K for one , but can't remember which ; even though I used FQP/FQN parts , Geschenk by my älterer Bruder Generg
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