newb ARTA calibration ?


2004-10-13 8:10 pm
I've built the same jig that hongrn( and zbosky built. After going through the calibration in the ARTA part of the program, I'm in the calibration for Limp. It tells you to connect the output to both left and right inputs. Is it okay to do this with the reference resistor in the circuit or does it need to be a straight connection?

I've built the box recommended by the maker, and I want to get calibrated SPL measurements, as well as to measure driver distortion with different amplifier gains.
However the "Audio Devices->Amplifier I/O" section just messes me up. I read the manual but still I'm not much of an electronics expert and it's hard for me to understand how to put in the right parameters and integrate it to my workflow and be able to adapt it to different measurement setups.

An example and clarification on this section and generally about calibration would be highly appreciated.
A video would be a god send.. And I wouldn't mind paying for an in depth lesson and support through skype.

Thank you
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here's the simple jig I use, just need to remember to flick the switch to 'calibrate' (speaker disconnected) when you start up LIMP, run the calibration (need to make sure you've got the correct inputs/outputs selected for your operating system)
then switch to 'measure'.


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