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Nelson Pass DIY FE 2022

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Selling a rare and in-demand front end kit by Papa Pass (click here). This is the original version. $30 shipped in the USA. Paypal payment only.


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I just can't help myself, confused as I am about electrons, I keep building the stuff Nelson Pass designs and it works, beautifully! Then again, I always ask before soldering: for the FE 2022, with a bipolar supply (+/- 15V) and single ended input, everything marked VG becomes ground and even -IN goes to ground... Right?
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Building is fun, but unbuilding is not so much.

I would suggest instead of 3.3uF, making C2 = 10uF if you have any of them around and they fit the board.
Same for C3, if your load is less than 30k. Otherwise, no biggie.
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Speaking of unbuilding...

I built the boards, connected them to my +/-15vdc PSU, checked all my connections, powered up... no signal gets through.

I am sure of the PSU, it tests fine.

The boards are the newer variety. I used the C6, used the included pot instead of R6, used R13 though it seemed unnecessary, left off R14 and connected nothing to the GF port.

I have single ended input so connected -IN to VG and VG to ground. V+ got +15VDC... V- got -14.9VDC. OUT goes OUT! All the solder joints are fine and yet, no signal gets through. Yes, I checked the signal coming out of my CD player.

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?
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I was going to see if maybe one of the transistors has been incorrectly installed, maybe something got swapped, maybe the J113's are in the wrong holes...but I can't see it from here.. I was going to measure the current through each stage, but my DMM probes won't reach... wish I could help..
You are kind. I’ve checked those things. I checked every component except jfets as they were said to be matched ahead of time. I used close ups of other builds on the right FE2022 thread to select/align leads and holes. I wonder most about grounding and the missing R14 👀