Need help in T/S parameters for indian made subwoofers..

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I am new to this forum infact this my fist post. I am from southern india here it is very difficult to find a branded speaker. I managed to get some which had some brand name. Everytime I measure the T/S parameter of the drivers (using my pc) I get the Qts above 1. i dont know whether it is the problem with my sound card. So if any of you guys have actually measured the T/S parameter of YP (Tamilnadu based company) 8" sub or Dainty 6" sub, please let me know.



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Don't have a clue, he/she? sent me the specs and I did a sim, which apparently I didn't save since AFAIK this brand isn't available in the USA. I'm curious, do you have access to the Indian made Peerless, which is available here?

Peerless India makes drivers only for OEM customers. Some surplus stock might be available in India, particularly Mumbai and Chennai.

I prefer the sound of the Boltons as compared to the Dainty woofers. I made a sub with two Boltons mounted on opposite ends of the box.

Venki, if you want Vifa drivers check out I bought them Vifas. They are just superb.

Hello Vivek,

Thank for the link. It is really useful for people like me who is new to subwoofer designing. I have made few boxes and but i didnt design it i just made it. I am planning to make a 3-way system. But i have no experience with it. yesterday I purhased two dainty SW801 woofers and two MH0508G midrange. I got the specs for the SW801 from GM(thanx to him).
The qts for SW801 is .611. I have seen in some websites that the best enclosure for a spk with qts >.5 is a sealed one.
Is it something to do with the clarity of sound been reproduced.
I plan to make a vented box using this driver. Will this affect the quality anyway?:confused:

The qts for SW801 is .611.
Hey Venki,
Don't rely too much on standard specs with the likes of Dainty.A friend had bought a couple of SW801's long back and recently we measured the specs.One came up with a 0.96 qts and the other with 0.81.So I guess every Dainty is unique and your measurement(Qts~1) may well be correct.So I suggest do a thorough t\s measurement and simulate in WinISd.You may try a tr line design or an MLTQWT.
Btw how much did they cost?

sashi are you using mls or have you calculated manually - analog - the old fashioned way , that way one is sure , with comparisions

i have mailed venki the process you can get it from him - hope he has retained the files

I am away on work and the files arein my comp - I can send them to you once i am back

you can mail me at

there are other complications with the dainty i have mentioned a few in a tread by venki - on 3 way speakers and i have mentioned all the faults in my various posts here you can search them

suaranjan das gupta

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hi venki,
i m very glad to know that some of indian friends are also interested in building audio equipments at home, like me. I m also planning to build a 3 way system and i have built the three way active crossover using tl074 chip and it is working good. But i dont possess good speaker system. I have got two speakers boxes which i made 5 years ago when i posssessed a little knowledge abt speakers. but now i am dead planned to build enclosure using 3/4"mdf and bolton speakers as i couldnt find branded speakers like peerless,mediasound or jbl speakers. I have also seen YP speakers here in delhi but they dont sell them in loose and i havent listened to these speakers yet. However, there are many things which may be taken into consideration while making a three way system and if u wanna know more about it then u can e-mail me at my id(
good luck

Hi Sashi / Venki

If u are the one i know S.J.RAO ' Then long time no see' is what i'd say.

Well hi to u also Venki & co DIY'ers

so Venki u were on the verge of completing your box , any feedback's.
I have a pair of Dainty 801's lying with me since 4 years and decided to finally stop gazing at it and put em to some uze.I have an existing pair of classic TR lines using 6" paper cone toyotone drivers (fs 46hz ). Although they performed quite above my expectations I needed to change 3 toyo drivers which produced loud cracking sounds at very moderate volumes.Now I've replaced them with a new set of Toyotonedrivers ( fs 75hz ) resulting in very poor performance.
OK now I removed one of the 6"ers and placed my Dainty 8"er
in place, with the cone facing inside and I was darned sorry I brought these unDAINTYful white elephants. Ask be about their price and i'd say they are too costly for their hi Fs. & Q's.

I know u are thinking about an 8"er in a 6" hole but that should have given me something as good as those ugly 6" toyo's but it never came near.

Im feelin sleepy bye guys.

Oops sorry...

Hello all,

I am really sorry for not replying for so long :eek: ... It was my work pressure. I am working in an IT company where the work is completely different from my when the work get loaded..I rarely find time (or if i get i dont feel like doing)... anyways my box is 60% be specific the box as such is done but lots remainig like bracing etc....i did test the spk with my old amp made from LA4440 (i think :rolleyes: ). The sound was too boomy... now i am feeling like replacing the danity with something better. Meanwhile I am thinking of making an active subwoofer with my existing YP 8" subwoofer(double magnet) equalized with Linkwitz Transform circuit. I will keep you guys updated.....(hopefully soon :xeye: ) Meanwhile any inputs on YP speaker would be highly appreciated. Let me try to get the photo of the driver (problem i dont have a digitial camera).

Hi, Venki

Although it might be too late for this reply, i can tell you a couple of things about this dainty SUB.

This is one excellent Sub, provided you use a sealed cabinet and a powerfull amp ( not a LA4440 by a long shot).

I am using dual 10 inchers by the way and do they rock???
i have had pioneer's , JBL's, Kicker's. but these are really value for money and they are simply superb

and venki about the sound being boomy i mean , low frequency reproduction will always need powerfull amp's atleast 50 to 100 watts.
mail me if you need any info
Hello vjedi,

First of all thanks for keeping my thread alive for so long :D. I distanced away from danity since the one i got has its cone made of plastic which i understand is not a good material for speakers. I have not come across the Danity's 10" dual coil one though. Could you please let me know the specs of the same(if you have) and the approx cost so that i can give it a try ;)

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