need advice - 2 way


2007-06-12 12:21 am
hi everybody, i'm new and i don't know much about desing, and i need an advice.

i've found 2 midwoofers and some tweeters ( 2 philips AD161-T8 and 2 Leea HFD-40 ), and i want to built a 2 way speaker

the woofers are similar to the Dayton DC160-8

Impedance: 8 ohms
VC diam: 2"
Fs: 38 Hz
SPL: 87 dB 1W/1m
Vas: .95 cu. ft.
Qms: 2.8
Qes: .36
Qts: .41
Xmax: 2.5 mm

i haven't problems with the desing of the crossovers, but my problem is the cabinet desing

wich cabinet you recomend for this speaker?, i'm looking for something with good bass from 50hz, and the size of the cabinet is not a problem.

i will use them with a gainclone

sorry for my bad english, hope you understand me


2007-06-12 12:21 am
sorry, the vc diameter is 1 3/8"

A friend send me this project, it's a bass reflex cabinet, 71 x 18 x 30 cm, about 38 (L), tuning frec: 40Hz port: 3" diam, 6" long.

is this ok?


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