My tiny single sided LM3886 PCB layout. :)

Mr Evil said:
The point of a Zobel network on the amp's output is to provide a low impedance termination for high frequencies, which increases stability. A Zobel in a speaker can't do that because it's seen through the resistance+inductance of the speaker cable.

Of course you might not need a Zobel, but it can't hurt to leave room for one, just in case.

Yeah, I understand they have different roles, but I thought I read somewhere that they could interact. Still, I suppose putting places for the components is a good idea, and it can't hurt as you can omit them. :) :up: I will do so in the next revision.


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2002-01-21 2:42 pm
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Re: Update

Russ White said:
OK, I tweaked the layout a little and etched the boards. I will build the amp tonight. Here is the latest layout:


The board looks good. It certainly is more tricky working with 1 layer.

Do you not need to tie pin 5 to V+? I haven't tried it without it, but I guess you could put a short circuit jumper on the chip package to tie these pins together to V+.

Best of luck with the amp,