My first horn experiments

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I want to show you the first prototype of my experiments i did in the last 3 weeks.

A while ago there was diskussion about brands of speakers, and at the same time i was very involved in thinking about speakers for my Zen amps.

Nelson said i can´t go wrong with TAD, so my first idea was to buy TSM-300 ready made speakers.

A lot of email exchange with Cyclotronguy brought me on another way, i hope it will be the right one. Thank you cyclotronguy for your patience and your answers.

Firsts step on this way to build my Zen - suitable speaker is to build a horn for the TAD driver i want to use. here is my first prototype.

I have to say thank you to Timo, in Bremen too, he answered all the questions i was too shy to ask Cyclotronguy and he made the pics and measurements.
first pic


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The driver is a beyma mounted for test and measurements made by timo. I will use a TD2001, but it will last a little more time to obtain it because of $$$.

This horn is a prototype, we don´t want to use it for much more than improve design. Next one will have the throat piece, first 50mm after the driver, made of metal for better mounting and precision. The other part will be similar made of maple like this one.

It should be used from as low as possible with the TD - test will show, up to max at maybe 18 or 20kHz - we will see. It should be used in a two way system with one low frequency driver under the TD horn when everything is ready.

This one measures about 330 mm in lenght and inner diameter from 25 to 300 mm. The max diameter outside is about 320mm or so.
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You will probably have to cross the TD2001 at 800Hz or higher. If you have a steep xover (>12db/octave) you might get down to 600 or 700Hz with a low powered tube amp and the right horn design.

I'll be very interested in what you do for the mid-bass. Please keep us informed.:scratch2:

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The wood part needs some time, i put some cherry wood to a warm and dry place to glue the blocks for turning the horn in a few days - ... or weeks.

Now i did some progress at the lower frequency end: not ready, but enough to play some sound:


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I see,

the different material in the middle of the second prototype is because of better mounting of the driver and more pecision in the area.

The discontinuety of the outside shape of the first prototype is because i made it in 2 parts. its not possible to put a part like that on the lathe at higher rotation speed. Technical reason also. The shape doesn´t affect the inside.
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