my aleph5 ...

sounds perfect . Thank you Mr Pass !!!!!


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ok. next pics :

and i forgot to say : Thanks ! to Mark Finnis - i used his pcb layout for aleph 4 in my aleph 5. i`ve done only few little "modifications" - i used irfp240`s , ZTX450 + 10nF , "Pi-filter"
in power supply (30000uF+1,8mH+30000uF on "+"and "-" rail)
,8x1ohm 4W MOX resistors (instead of 4x0,47) .......

i`ll try to make pictures of inside of this creatures in this week ....


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my aleph 5...

wow ! now i`m so proud .... :) thank you Mr. Pass again ...

as soon as i take the pictures from inside of my clone(s) i`ll post
it to passdiy .

but thats what i posted in this thread was only kind of "school" for me - now i know how my clone should be built ... and in few next month`s i`planning to build Aleph Pre 1.7 and Aleph 5