MUSES 72320 electronic volume

Let me try here: I am testing a board with the Muses72323. This has slightly different parameters for communication and I am not managing to get the board out of mute.
Have you read and understand that note in the 72323 specs sheet?

Note) This product starts up by MUTE setting in power “ON”. Use it after removing MUTE of each setting.
If any audio signal is inputted in input signal terminal before power “ON”, it may cause initial condition abnormality. In
conditions of using such as the above, it prevents that abnormality by setting MUTE before power “OFF".
Hello, community! I have a dac which uses 3 muses 72320 for volume control of headphones, rca and balanced. Suddenly rca and balanced stopped working, headphones are working fine. I measured 5v DC on ADR1 and ADR0, after I connected them to the ground, it started to work. Also the responsible relays were not switching and I had to bridge them to the working relay. Please help me with any advise, where to look!


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The PSU in the manual was only for testing (LM317/337).
Pass Labs use the NJR 78/78

I tested the NJR, LM317/337, LT3045/3094, TPS7A49/TPS7A30

In my main system (Pass clone) I prefer the TPS types.
My college prefer in the same Preamp the NJR.
Hi Meldano, people,

Bought meldano volume reg a while ago.
Now have a time and desire to finish assembling and install it in a beautiful Threshold Fet10.
Simple way is to grab DC from internal stabilizer module, which is +18.2/-18.2 but your design is +/-15V as per manual.
Muse72320 datasheet shows maximum operation voltage +/-18.
Have you test your design feed 18V?
Do you think will it work fine?
Do I need increase R1,R2 on Volume board? 72320 Supply current in 10 mA, as per DS, do you think 330/360Ohm will be ok, or am I wrong in my approach?
If one were designing a circuit using the Muses without input selection, that is to say, the input of the Muses chip is connected directly to the RCA connector what protection is required when the chip is off (has zero volt rails) but it may be receiving input from an external source like a DAC for example. The data sheet lists the maximum input voltage as the rails of the chip, it shows two protection diodes for ESD between the input and the rails but I'm assuming this was not designed to protect it from a low-impedance input source while the rails are off. I know it's easy to solve with an input selector because you just disconnect it from the outside. Is there any way to solve this without using a relay?
hello,when I use the arduino muse72320 lib and upload to Arduino Nano,that with atmege328p and it work perfect,but when I changed to use the Mega2560 Pro,this code does not work and cannot control the muse72320.any idea or anybody face this issue. any comments will be great appreciate.
Arduino Lib link
Just curious are the buttons mapped correctly to mega2560

Also did you set the spi mode for 2560