Monaco RBT95


2012-03-29 3:44 am
Hello Dissi,

Sorry to bother you again.

What I really meant in my question at top was whether the Monacor tweeter should be recessed into the baffle or simply screwed straight onto the baffle face without recessing into the baffle.

So, just to confirm, you're saying the Monacor should be recessed so that the face (the outside edges) of the tweeter should be flush with the surface of the baffle?

Thanks again.
Hi gassit,

I just noticed the face plate of the RBT-95 is chamfered to the left and to the right. Therefore my advise to flush-mount the driver is hardly doable.

The tweeter is used in the Monacor Cirrus and is surface-mounted. Not nice, but simple and obviously the only solution...