Minolta Dimage F100, is it good?

I have now bought the Minolta Dimage F100. Works very nicely on XP and Mac (not tested yet) I hope.

It's possible to take a picture of a chip and see the bond wires and the pattern of the chip. Thank you for the review link, it has been very helpful. The F100 was also top tested in the swedish magazine "Foto".

The bad thing so far is the current consumption (expected!) and the optical view, not so good. The sharpness is bad but small cameras (both analog and digital) have often this type of performance of the viewer.

Anyone who want to see a sample picture (not 12MB pictures of course :no: )?
The pictures are taken with a handhold camera and flash. I didn't come as close as possible. The camera can do better with a tripod and better lights. Not bad though for a snapshot.


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pinkmouse said:

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