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MF30-2F-151.5 heatsink

Hi, I am able to get this nice heatsink (see below) for US$35 shipped from Australia to my home in Colorado 80526, and I was wondering if there are any interested parties out there. You will have to pay shipping from Fort Collins, CO 80526 using


Estimated dimensions are 15" (L) by 10" (W) by 10" (H). Weight is 5.5lb.

The specs are attached to the next thread.....Richard


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Hi ThingyNess,

Sorry about not getting back to you. Actually I am going to have the sinks delivered to my mail box in Blaine which makes shipping and customs issues a lot easier.

Not to mention the fact that UPS from the US to Canada is a nightmare.

You are welcome to include your sink order with mine and I will collect the sinks, do customs and bring them to Vancouver where you can pick them up at my house as I am doing this any way and it is no big deal to take care of yours as well.

Tony D.