Mezmerize B1 Buffer Preamp

The Mez board depending on tolerances runs 170-200mA bias in its MOSFETs which is satisfactory. By many users that's been accepted as a wise spot between dissipation and subjective performance. Some wanted to can really crank it up though hence the Hypnotize edition. For an extra % of tone and sound stage.
But its enduring popularity says Mez is the best as an all-rounder. Has all the facilities on board and it sounds close to what can be ultimately achieved.
Hi Salas,
I have been using your Jfet buffer section circuit with a SSLV1.1 and quite pleased. I repurposed the SSLV1.1 here after I switched my other preamps from 1.1 to the Ubiib 1.3.
Could you please share your subjective opinion about using the buffer with the Mez, SSLV1.1 and SSLV1.3 power supplies. Just wondering since 1.3 made an improvement with the preamps what could it do here, maybe?
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Nash hi, unfortunately I can't answer that since I only ever run DCB1 Mez or Hypno with their onboard tuned together supply. Has heavier Mosfets and its all LEDs. Somewhat different to those 1.1 & 1.3 standalone cousins. You must run a comparison to conclude. Could be worthwhile to go from SSLV1.1 to 1.3.