Marantz CD43 / 53 / 63 Service Manual

I know there's a number of owners and tweakers of this player out there, I have the service manual for these players, and have scanned it into an Adobe PDF document.

It's 9.2Mb - if anyone wants a copy I'll place it on a website somewhere for download, let me know.

I also have some scans of the main PCB tracks, with the power supply traces highlighted (5V, +12V and -12V) for those that fancy tweaking and adding additional regulation, it makes it a lot easier to follow.

There's no mention of copyright anywhere within the manual, so it should be fine.

Thanks, great stuff !!!!

By the way, i had a look at the 5 volts supply on the PCB, maybe i am going to make a new supply for the analog part of the DAC.
I probably use the +12 volt from the opamp supply.

But what i found on the schematic with the servo IC on it:
The supply for VREF with R124 is not comming from R122 but direct from the 7805. This also applies for R138, R148 and R132 near the TCA0372's above the servo. The supply coming from R122 is only used for the servo IC.

Nothing spectacular, but maybe a 'nice to know'.



You may find the following useful, it traces all (If I haven't missed any) of the 5V and +/- 12V rails through the PCB.

I suggest feeding the DAC analogue from a regulated supply is very worthwhile, but do the DAC oscillator supply first - it will make a bigger difference, the 5V supply rails are VERY noisy.



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