Maby the most costly capacitor on the market

phase_accurate said:
I think it won't be difficult to add heaps of MICA types together to get an even more expensive 20 uF type.


here's 24uF styrene , when will you be available to do the soldering ?

(i offer 5 bucks to the one who posts a pic of a twit who bought one of those 5k silver foil caps)


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Uh, yes. Ask the Z Machine.

Megajoules in nanoseconds means high voltages, large capacitances and low, low inductances (probably arranged as transmission lines).

I don't know why people in audio would be asking about paralleled capacitors, just get a Filmlytic and be done with it. If you're not talking about audio, then perhaps you do in fact need high RMS currents; in that case, you might build something like this:
Note the water cooling, which so far I have found unnecessary.