Luxman L31 intermittent problem

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I picked up a beautiful Luxman L31 with only one channel working.
When I opened it up I saw that the two fuses for the postitiv and negative rails of the faulty channel were blown. After replacing those I turned on the amp with a bulb tester and everything seemed ok, compared voltages between the two channels, checked for bias and dc offset and everything was spot on. I hooked up some suicide speakers and it sounded great. The caps had never been replaced so I took care of that. All the electrolytic caps were replaced with nichicon fg and es caps and the filter caps by slightly higher value kg caps.
Once again I checked bias and offset and than tested the amp which sounded much better. After maybe 30 minutes al the sudden there was quite a loud crackling on the channel that had blown its fuses before so I turned of the amp. After a few minutes I turned it on again with bulb tester and suicide speakers and everything was fine again. After a few minutes some crackling appeared for a few seconds and went away again, than slightly louder and a little longer, this went on for a while. Paired with the crackling I measured some AC and some DC on the output sometimes up to 1v.
Touching the volume knob or any other potentiometer doesn't influence the crackling.

Any suggestions on what could be the cause ?
Either a leaky transistor or could be the pots for the bias/offset. Try to spray the pots with deoxit, then move the swipers left and right, if you don`t have the service manual try to remember the position of the bias pot, or measure the bias on the good channel to have a reference when you reset it.

I had the same problem with a Sansui AU-222. If this doesn`t resolve the problem, then one of the transistors is leaky
I recently restored a Sansui au-222 and a lot of people suggested to replace the noisy 2SA871 by BC550, is that also considered heresy ?!!

Okay Welcome, so KSA992 for the diff input pair and you would also replace the 2SA836 by those and 2SC1345 by KSC1845 in the preamp section, is that it ?

What about the 2SC1951 and 2SC945 and the two driver transistors ?
I replaced the trimpots but that didn't change anything so I also changed the diff input transistors and the 2sc1951 by a 2sc2230 which had already been done on the left channel.
The problem is that now I only manage to get 15mA of bias instead of the 45mA I should get. Is there a problem or is it just a matter of slightly adjusting the vbe with those new transistors ?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.