Looking for TDA 2050 circuit boards

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Anyone know where one can buy or order a decent circuit board for the TDA 2050 chip? I have 25 of these chips.
I've been searching and I have found numerous pictures of designs but no boards except for elliot sound products and 15 bucks a board plus shipping to Ohio USA is more then I would like to spend.

I bought 2 assembled TDA 2030 2.1 amps off ebay and they sound nice but you can only use a 12 volt supply which drops the power down.

You may even open this factory suggested PCB in any graphics program, resize it so it prints to proper scale (so parts and specially the IC fit) and then print it on regular paper with any printer.
Then you put a piece of transparent/tracing paper and hand trace it with a black ink pen.
Presto! You have a 1:1 PCB artwork.
You can even draw it straight on copper with some water resistant "Sharpie" pen.
Google "handmade PCB" or search You Tube.
Depending on technique you might have to mirror the drawing or not.
I bought 1 each of these boards

LM1875 Dual Channel DC Output 5532PRE Amplif PCB DIY | eBay power supply filtering, pre amp and stereo amp

Amplifier PCB TDA2030 LM1875 Low Cost Chip Amp Board | eBay one of these and another almost identical board from china but didn't save the link due to this one is from the US and price difference is miniscule

2 1 TDA2030A NE5532 18WX2 36W Stereo Pre Amplifier Amp Board Kit Magic Sound 12V | eBay 2 of these, Had one working but pushed the sub side too hard with a 4 ohm woofer and burnt a chip, I have other 2030's and 2050's
Well...er...I know I'm going to get myself into a fistfight here, but how about the perfboard that Radio Shack sells? Others sell perfboard also, but the shack's is about the least expensive--surprising as that might be.

In my experience the wire lead length on components is more than long enough for connecting things up. I've never had to use any additional wire except for off-board connections.
Actually I prefer the pcb's, it is easier on my memory since the right parts are silk screened there.

I am almost finished with the 2.1 board I bought, it already had the components on it just had to find a decent enclosure. I am using an old A/B Parallel Port box. (btw the inside was shielded with something that measured 10 ohms with the meter so I had to paint the insides too)

Saturday I lined everything up, (after several nights of try it this way)
made a new faceplate out of 16 gauge aluminum, drilled all my holes then painted everything.
Only thing left to do is drill and tap the holes in the heat sink for the chips.

Since this is a garage amp the RCA jacks will be on the front panel, I get tired of having to turn my present amp around to change the inputs.
I would also like to include a 1/4" guitar jack, just haven't figured out what type of switch I should use so that the guitar works on both L & R channels.
I am using a radio shack 12.6-0-12.6 2 amp transformer, which from everything I have read is under power voltage and amperage wise, it will have to do till I buy a 18-0-18 4 amp.
Speakers will be a pair of 4" voigt pipes I made (89db@1 watt) and a 15" 8 ohm eminence woofer for the sub. Not a true sub but it should be passable.

I think the other 2 boards I would like to try to bridge them using 2050 chips, I don't really need a sub in my garage.

Sorry about the lack of pictures, I'll take one when finished and upload it here. My garage computer is not finished yet and when I'm working I forget to use a camera.
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