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Looking for build services

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Hi guys. I am looking for someone not to far from Toronto who is into amp building. I know, i know its a DIY forum but i dont want to spread to thin and cost myself too much money. I am willing to pay someone to build me some mono blocks. They dont have to look all fancy. I can either pay cash OR you can buy equipment parts in trade. UP to you. I
read the forum rules and i hope i didnt break any but it did not say anything about buying someones 'skillz'. If i did i apologize. Now back to my speaker dilemma. Have a nice day :D
I think I may be interested in somthing along the same lines...I've got some ideas for an amp, but I lack the workshop space now as a college student to build them, and I doubt my RA would like the solder fumes :smash:

If anyone's interested, an email to "jimj" "at" "vt" "dot" "edu" would be very much appreciated! ;)

Because I am from Toronto too, and I was looking for something similar. I am looking for someone close enough tto Toronto (max Cleveland, Detroit or Montreal) to build a tube amplifier for me. I need to deliver at least 75W in 8 ohms in TRIODE mode. I will supply all the needed parts as instructed.

Let me know.
oh boy, 75 W with class A triodes! sweet! I have just the plan. I will need to know your floor loading specs...:)

Single pair of finals and class A is no small thing at that power level. There are a few means of accomplishing it with world class sound( why bother for anything else? ).

Looking foirward to it!
mono blocks

:D Im also interested . btw thanks mike for starting this..:cool: Bandersnatch it looks like you may have a 2nd job. Im in indiana.Maybe we can all agree on the same design and it would wook out great for all of us..is it possiable people on forums agreeing on the same thing..lol.. id much rather give a hard working man the money than a big box store!!
Bandersnatch said:
oh boy, 75 W with class A triodes! sweet! I have just the plan. I will need to know your floor loading specs...:)

Single pair of finals and class A is no small thing at that power level. There are a few means of accomplishing it with world class sound( why bother for anything else? ).

Looking foirward to it!

hehe WHOA boy easy ...... 75 watt sonic frontiers cost me 2200 dollars EACH in mono blocks ....what are YOURS gonna cost me ?

I use a 100W/ch vintage Pioneer integrated while i finish my big active Zen set. I put a pair of big analogue meters into the integrated and at 'Live' levels(105-115db) the meters sit around 1W and hit 10W at peaks...those meters are well calibrated...yes, my speakers are efficient but no horns. Who really needs more than a few good watts? Mr.Pass' First Watt makes sense to me.

Anyway...what sort of budget are you working with? Email me with details of what it is you want to accomplish. I may be able to help.
ALrighty i am pretty much ready. What i need is power for 2 x 2 way cabinets. Morel 166 mated with a HI-Vi 8II ribbon tweer. The tweeter needs to be castrated about 6 DB and crossed over at 2200 Hz. The Morel in the enclosure will not really go below 100 HZ but the amps for the subs have High pass so thats taken care of.

50 watts(m) and 25 watts(t) with 2 way 18 db/oct active x-over per cabinet. WHats that gonna cost me for a pair and if someone has a better idea or a link to a pre built amp that isnt specifically for a sub that would be great as well.

Come to think of it, why isnt there smaller amps for someting other then subs? Everything i have seen on the web is aimed directly at bass. Crossover wont go above 150 and the power is always 150 watts plus. WHy is there not a amp that you can buy that will do a mid tweet combo and can be mounted like a sub amp?
once i get done with a project or two (the preamp is days away from finishing) i am going to work on my milling machine. im adding a full CNC retrofit to it.

what that means, is ill be able to produce people's designs quite cheaply. i will be unemployed in a few months (going back to school full time) and that will be my job. i plan on offering very reasonable services for building amp enclosures and custom parts for people. building a case from 6 aluminum plates with a CNC machine is cake and should only take an hour or two. finishing would be up to you of course. but it should all just bolt together. and i hope to have a couple of designs already done to choose from.

so, thats my idea, and hopefully in 6 months it could be a reality. im currently searching for very cheap aluminum sources (scrap/surplus) so i could hopefully offer full milled cases for about the same price you could buy just the raw materials. so, one of these days, you will see a thread in the marketplace for that :)
SO..... still never got a price on some amps :D

2 x 50 plus 2 x 10
2 x ?? plus 2 x ?? The Morel is not very efficient at 86 db but the ribbon is 95 db.

Build on two split chassis or boards to fit inside eace cabinet ? or to jig and mount on a cheesy heatsink on back of cabinets?

SO lets say two distinct units each incorporating an active x-over 24 db LR at 1900 HZ (unless variable is doable ) with 50 + watts for the woofer and 10 watts for the ribbon . WIth gain control and RCA inputs.

Price approx with and without a x-over.
Here's the problem/deal.

If you get a professional in the audio field to build for you, then unless you have some bucks$$ to spend, or he/she wants to work for less than minimum wage there's no way.

It takes much more time than anyone would like to think about to get any amp that is not already worked out and ready to go circuit wise, layout wise and with a physically already built chassis to complete.

DIYers are of two types, those that build a lot and those that don't.

The ones that do build a lot, are busy building or on other projects, the ones that don't, don't.

IF you found a DIYer who had an amp that he wanted to sell, AND that you fancied then you'd have a possible deal.

On the other hand, if say 10-12 DIYers got together on a single design, then it would be plausible that my small biz or one like mine could build them up for you - the principle at work being that since several were being made, the costs per operation are reduced sufficiently so that with that number of orders the project could be seen as a single project, not multiple random orders...

But, with someone like the fellow who wants 75watts class A in triode, it's clear that it would be difficult to arrive at a concensus without some difficulty. You're looking at using some 845 or 211 to do that power in Class A... not a small or inexpensive amp. Even if you are satisfied with a pair of 845s, still a big amp. Parts = expensive. Size = big.

Thus the import Chinese amps start looking good, as do those kits and mod kits (for existing amps).

Consider used gear?

Consider gutting something like a Fisher receiver or similar? Or just modding it? (caps, resistors, jacks, PS, etc...)

As an exercise, it might be useful to post an itemized list of the parts and their expected cost, just to see what you're talking about in terms of a baseline absolute minimum cost before labor or outside services (like machining or anodizing, etc.) No need to list each part, just like this; 1 watt Carbon Film Resistors (20) @ $X.XX = XX.XX$, etc...

Then maybe guesstimate the labor time for the unit you envision.

If you think you can have anything custom built for less than a commercially built unit, think again. Anything handmade will require alot of labor which you will need to pay for. Sure, alot of us have built Alephs on the cheap, but we never include our labor cost when we quote how much it cost to build. The costs we discuss around here are generally just the parts. You can't expect anyone to give away their labor. Time is money as they say.

As Bear suggested make a list of parts first. I have attached a spreadsheet of parts, the cost and vendor for an Aleph P v1.7 I built. The parts came to close to $900. It will never be for sale, but if I were to put a price on my time and labor in building it, the price would be well in excess of the original list price of an Aleph P.


  • aleph p v1.7.zip
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Sorry to be the "bearer" of bad news Madmike2.

But in the positive spirit of DIY, I have two suggestions to follow up...

- try to find or create an audio club/group up there in Canukland, maybe you'll find what you want or need that way?

- offer someone who is already or contemplating building an amp that you would be happy with to pay for their parts and yours if they will build a second one while they are building theirs... that might be an incentive enough for a DIYer.

Of course, if you keep trying to change the project, you'll probably be shown the door.

How you determine who to trust on a deal like this, is another matter which I will leave in your hands.


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