looking for All BJT i/v output stage


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cbriere said:
the Zapfilter look good.
I need to build it for myself.
I found the schematics but no par values on it :mad:

did someone has builted a clone of the zapfilter?

I was working on something quite similar, but have shelved the project for the time being. (Not enough time in the day.) I might be motivated to resurrect it at some point for my scd-777es project player, but for now its asleep.. :D

I this Thread is very good and interesting learning:)

I have taken this shuntreg from an old zapfilter (Lcaudio) I know it´s sound very very good, using it in my modified cdplayer.
It gives constant 10V out.

The Shuntreg is supplied like this:
Transformer-> Rectifiers-> serie resistors to set the current flow-> shuntreg -> load

Trans BCP51 take 100mA by it self (sinks)

Can some off you simulate this??
Eks: 15V DC supply, Current to circuits 150mA (100mA BCP51 and 50mA pulled by load.



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