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Linear Systems LS302, LS313 and LS352

Hi All,

Is anyone interested in these devices?

Tightly matched VBE, hFE monolithic dual transistors, perfect for LTP/CM.


Minimum order quantity is 25 of each, so that's the target we need to reach. Prices are roughly £4.50 - £5.40 (to-71 case) plus delivery.
If there is enough interest I will get a final full quotation, based on how many devices are required.

Please list you name, device and quantity.

Interest only at the moment.

I have organised a GB for the LS313 and LS352 on another forum before, just to give you a little confidence :)


2007-04-27 12:54 am
Hi Will
Please put me down for 4 each of the LS313 and LS352.
Alex (SandyK)

As part of the original GB in Rock Grotto Forum , I am using these metal can closely matched dual transistors in a 15W/Channel Class A amplifier, a Class A preamplifier, and a Class A Headphone Amplifier. with excellent results.
Hi Chong,

They are around £4.50-£5.40 each plus delivery, so £20-22 for a set of four.

I'll confirm exact cost when exact numbers are known.

I'll be closing this GB on Friday, so that we can get things rolling :)

Excellent! So for the mono SC class A HA, we need a set of 2 LS313 and 2 LS352, right? I have not read the BOM. If is, I will order a spare set just in case. That is 4 LS313 and 4 LS352. I will drop the LS302 due to Alex's comment at Rockgrotto. Thanks.
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