Kicker CXA300.1 No rail, regulated or gate drive.

Ok so today i received 7 of these amplifiers in. So this amplifier has a blown T460. No gate and no rail voltage. i removed both the t460 (Which i dont have s ok need to order) I do have the irf3077 which should work fine.
Anyway. gate resistors and r105 4.7k is within tolerance. i dont read a short on the outputs in curcuit. What dhould i check to restore the rail and regulated voltages?
pcb front and back


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W/O Mosfets remove R68, this will disable protection and you can check the drive from the TL494 Pins 9 & 10 through the 18021 Pins 3 and 8. If you have drive to the gate pads of missing Mosfets, replacing the Mosfets should restore the rails. AOT460's are obsolete, you may find a source for them but I wouldn't recommend eBay. The device you mentioned may be suitable but I have no experience to recommend them and may require a different value for the gate resistor. We use a different replacement for the AOT460, which I will post the part number tommorow.