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Joachim Gerhard Filter Buffer Fastron Inductor and Parts GB - second run

Hi everyone,

to not polute the threads for the boards further I opened this new thread for the inductors and parts GB.

Original Thread where the boards are offered by xen-audio:

The orginal schematics can be found here :
Anybody using the new ESS Vout DAC (ES9022)?

On offer are:
  • pairs of Fastron 18mH inductors matched to 1%
  • all the other passive parts as set to build either V3.0 or V3.1 (detailed BoM in the spreadsheet)
  • spares for all SMD parts

shipment will be done after payment has been received and will commence either from Switzerland or Germany as priority mail. Shipping cost is usually updated within 24 hrs and includes the envelope (bubble mailer) and Paypal cost)

GB is now closed as all inductors are gone.

I added a waiting list to the spread sheet, if there is sufficient interest I will match a new batch of inductors. If someone just needs the parts they can PM me.

the google signup sheet can be found here and in my signature below.


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