jfet srpp preamp

You probably could mean Jack Orman's MINIBOOSTER (and it's derivates), which is basically a JFET SRPP schematic. You should find it at http://www.muzique.com/amz/ .
Mention: This amp is considered as a guitar preamp (with intended smooth distortion properties), so the values of the parts have to be changed somehow to fit it into the hifi world.
I can sent a little gif to you per mail, if you don't find it.



2001-02-06 6:18 am

Thanks for all the responses.
The reason for the n-ch only amp is more an
experiment to gauge (at least for myself) if
jfets hv any tube-like properties as far as
audio is concerned. It is particularly attractive
because of it's flexibility with its use of -ve bias.
I was thinking of using it as an output buffer for
a dac.

p-ch jfets usually do not match all that identically with
n-ch devices, as with all other bjts, mosfets etc.
Plus, one can get dual matched jfets in a single

Currently, my understanding leads me to
think that all the analysis for tube srpp amps
are applicable to jfets, with minor modifications.
Conclusions like optimum resistor loading,
mu followers, etc should be useable too.

Inputs appreciated, as always.

Yves H (not Vidal)