JBL L112 recapping

Hi All,
I`d like to update/upgrade the passive components in my crossovers. The speakers sound fabulous but could probably do with at the very least a cap replacement seeing they are 30+ years old and most likely have drifted from spec.

I`m seeking opinions on which cap manufacturer to go with. Would the Solen metalized polyproylene Fastcaps be a good replacement for the originals?
They seem to be the most reasonably priced when compared to Hovland, Auricaps, Mundorfs etc which are very expensive, but some claim the Solens to be bright in nature :confused:
While in there, any benefit to replacing the WW resistors with Metal Oxides?

As always, any and all comments most welcome.


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What ever plastic foil you use it is much better than the electrolytic ones that you replace. All caps have some microphony also coils are affected by large sound pressures. Mounting the crossover externaly or in a small plywood box inside the speaker will improve the sound more than any esoterically branded caps will! (Don asbestos suit)


2015-12-01 10:16 pm
Two important improvements with L112's:
Remove the tweeter shielding. Improves perspective and removes some discoloration in the highs.
But first and foremost exchange the aluminium domes on the LE5's with paper ditto (to be had from Simply Speakers at 3$ a pop). Removes all harshness from the speaker. Trust me, this puts the L112 in a whole different league.