I need a really simle and fast amp to build

Please, someone must have a schematic that is simple enough for me to understand.

I recently purchased four Klispch KG-2.5 speakers and have no amplification for them. For those who are not familiar with these, their specs are:

93 dB sensitivity
75 watts RMS, 375 max
8 ohm

My first choice really would be to make a great sounding tube amp, but it seems as though it is all too complicated. I really need some amplification fast... these things look awesome and I want to hear their awesome sound too. Almost any power rating will do- from 3 watts to 100. I just need a VERY simple diagram with everything labled what it is and what it is rated at, including a power supply and how and where to hook it to the amp circuit. I have seen several designs here, but all of them include something I have no idea what it is. Please... someone... HELP!
Quick and dirty amp

Try the dual 65W kit (PM21) from www.marchandelec.com .

If you don't know how to put together a power supply from scratch order the PM11 PS to go with it.

If you get the full kit (PCB+heatsink+manual+parts) these wil go together really fast and easy. Go slow when installing the ICs - it is possible to break or short a lead if you are careless.

The enclosures, power switch, fuses and terminals are up to you.

If you want the enclosures and everything included in the kit, Velleman may be the answer. Look for them at www.qkits.com.


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2002-07-01 12:45 pm
easy amp....

LM12CLK 150W R.M.S 8ohm 0.01%THD low cost 16$


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Kilowatt said:
Project 03 on http://sound.westhost.com is also very simple with a 60W output.
There are many others there as well, there should be something suitable for what you want. The PCBs are available for very reasonable prices.
I don't recommend the LM12; it will be difficult finding sockets for it. An LM3886-type solution as recommended earlier is much easier to deal with. A PCB is available at the aforementioned site.