I got my new lamp. It is for commercial projection use. people use it to replace the


2011-07-17 12:43 pm
Benq MP611c projector shuts down, do I need a new lamp?

Hi, this seems to be a place where people know about projectors. I studied electronics but I'm new to projectors, and I'm trying to get one working.

The model is: Benq MP611c

It starts to power up, an image appears for about 10 seconds, and then the bulb switches off. The case fans keep running. There is still power going to the lamp ballast.

The power LED starts flashing orange, sometimes the lamp LED also comes on red. The case fans run for a while, and then sometimes it restarts and does this again.

The lamp fan/blower does not usually come on in this short timescale, but sometimes it starts. Shouldn't it be running all the time?

What is the likelihood that it needs a new lamp, versus a problem with the PSU or ballast?

Thanks for any advice you can give! :eek:)


2011-07-17 12:43 pm
@ywh - Thanks, it was the bulb.

I bought a working projector of the same model so I could diagnose by swapping parts (cheaper than a lamp, or an ESR meter).

What are the options for replacing a lamp cheaply?
Do you sell the original internal lamp and the high-temperature cement?

Hi ywh,

Here are some pictures of the reflector and lamp. Let me know if you need to see anything else.