I bag for your help !

I am from Bugaria ,the smol coutry, to smole that i couldn't faind nowere WM-61A (PANASONIC) I need it to work whit program "SpeakerWorkShop"
I know tht it isn't expensiv ( no mor then 3$ )
I bag for your help ,if YOU can find WM-61A for me ,send it to me by postage envelope. I will send back the many to your homme addres. Please write to me on my E-male if sombodi decide do it for me . THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My addres:BULGARIA
town : PLEVEN 5800
" DRUGBA " bl.123 en. A fl.4 ap.12
[email protected]
Digi-Key is selling one:;)

Digi-Key Part Number P9925-ND Quantity
1 Unit Price $3.04000

Manufacturer Part Number WM-61A
Quantity Available 10392
All prices are in Canadian dollars and include duty and brokerage fees.

If nobody's volunteer, I will get it with my next order and send it to the guy. The only thing is, I don't know when it will be, otherwise I would have to pay extra $8 just for the shipping.
I agree. But I don't understand why Sean is thanking Pavlin, if Sean is the one who sent Pavlin the capsoles.:p Never did figure out how to use those little suckers (the capsoles). I also like the smiley faces. My favorite is :scared:, although :fight: is a close second. And my least favorite is probably :sarge:. Least used goes to :blackcat: :lock: :female: :djinn: :Pawprint: :radar: :vampire: :tilt: take your pick. Or think of your own. We could start a new thread. :idea:

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Jimmy154 said:
But I don't understand why Sean is thanking Pavlin, if Sean is the one who sent Pavlin the capsoles.:p
I'm Canadian! :D

There's a scene in the John Candy movie "Candian Bacon" where he and his friends(all American) visit canada. They run through this crowd of Canadians, knocking them over and pushing them down a hill. As the Canadians are falling over, they say "Sorry!", "Excuse me!" and "Pardon me!". Pretty funny. :)
I'm not, but here in America we do the same thing. I was making fun that's why I used the :p face. I guess I should've used the mischiev :mischiev: or :joker: face. Even I tend to thank people after for no reason :shhh:.

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