Human body field correction device

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Hey guys, check this out.

I have constructed a device to help increase focus, concentration and relaxedness without the negative impacts of feeling overenergized.

The device is a zinc allen key without oxide coating. Around this I have wrapped a 7800 pF polystyrene mkp capacitor. I have also wrapped wire around the ends of the tines to aid dissapation and reception. Some of the wires are just attached to one end of the capacitor to aid reception. As well I have attached two 1k 1/4W metal film resistors to speed up dissapation of the field at high frequencies. The device is wrapped in athletic tape to hold it as one piece.

The device operates by negating the unnecessarily high frequencies the body absorbs and holds but cannot sucessfully process. This is primarily from the broad spectrum energy generated by the sun as well as other rf generating devices.

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Yeah, no need to make it a notch filter. The lpf is caused by the antenna (allen key length at certain even frequency fractions and multiples) primarily with the capacitor doing a higher frequency low pass filter. The capacitor is it self not radiative, it will absorb signals directly from the body, air and allen key.

something to look into is hal effect, this is how antennas recieve a electromagnetic field and convert it into voltage. This device negates that hall effect induced field.

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Well ok, ill go for the bait. Can you then please explain to me how antennas recieve signals. Lets just leave the explanation to the passive antenna element and a white noise (uniform density) signal.

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If you get enough details to build one of these devices and test it, then you can "Diss" the original poster. No need to add to all the negative energy being emitted from this thread and site!

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So...what kind of induction...heat...sound...heavy particle emission...I can for one tell you that these forms of energy transfer are quite difficult in vacuum. You know kinda like space and what those guys narrate on the science channel...

Hall effect is the transfer of energy to a material via electrons in particular.

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