How to insert a photo into your post

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Hi Mooly,
I hope you don't mind me using your stuff as an example. I can always kill the thread if it bothers you in any way.

Your file needs to be less than 100 KB in size, and probably 600 X 800 or less. I'm a little fuzzy on that limit. You can only attach one photo or file per post.

So, attaching the first photo...........

Note: The first file was too large (just over 100 KB) so I had to resize it. An error screen will appear when this happens.



  • step 1  reply to posting o.k. (medium).jpg
    step 1 reply to posting o.k. (medium).jpg
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The other issue is that the file must be on hard hard drive for this to work. You can not post images directly from an email for example (at least not with my computer).

Image 2 ......


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    step 2 locate image.jpg
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Thanks Anatech for helping to try to sort this, give me a diffraction grating to adjust anyday, it's much easier than this.
I wonder if it is something weird with my P.C. or settings (Notebook)
Anyway I will go through steps here,
1. I have an image on my hard drive 33kb, 427 by 427
2. I am clicking "browse" at the bottom of this message.
3. Found and selected image.
4. It's location, C:\Users\karl\Pictures\img079.JPG has appeared in the box next to "browse".
WHAT NOW ? If I click "preview reply" all the text will show but nothing else.
5. As I click preview, the green progress bar at bottom of screen takes a couple of seconds to "complete" before the previewed message is shown. If I deliberately try all the above steps with a very large image of say 3mb the same happens but the progress bar will take perhaps 20 seconds to reach 100% before the previewed text appears. No error messages or pop-up appear.
Thanks again for trying to help resolve this
I am not actualy sure if the pictures shows under preview...

But as stated before you can attach an image as a thumbnail by useing the method explained to you...

Or you can upload the image at a place like (free) and then simply copy the correct code from their page - it starts with -

They have the cope snippets clearly displayed you just have to click in the line and it will copy it to memory ready for posting in your message.
The attachment will be lost if you try to preview the post. The software cannot be assured that you will make the post at that stage, so the required database ID's have not been created yet. It's partly for efficiency sake (to keep the database from filling up with junk) and partly due to security.

ps. IIRC, the size limit for image attachments is 1000 x 1000 pixels and 100KB filesize.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.