Hifonics Generation XI Zeus missing part

I’m working on this amp, plays great so far but problem I’m seen is the crossover setting when selected on the LP setting the amp makes no sound, I’ve already checked and double checked the switch and the throws are all functional on the switch, no cracked or bad solder.
The daughter board “SUB3” is missing an IC from IC2, could it be NJM2068L and also can it caused the low frequency setting to be muted(blank)?


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IC2 was what the questions are directed at, all the SIP packages in the amp are NJM2068L, was wondering if that missing one is same, and also when the crossover setting switch is shift to the LP the amp doesn’t produce output, amp only plays in HP and Full modes only, switch is good soldering is ok.
I can't tell you what the part number was. The datasheet was posted so you could compare the circuit in your amp to the one in the datasheet. If the circuit is the same as in the datasheet, just stick an op-amp in it (any op-amp with the right pin configuration) and see if it returns to normal operation. If the circuit works but has some sort of strange problem, then you can think about using a different op-amp.