Help! Speaker Placement in new Apartment


2006-11-07 6:06 pm
Hi Guys,

I am moving into a new apartment and the floor plan is not very friendly for my 2.1 system. I have two Frugal Horns and a 10" sub. I also have two of Zaph's B3S full rangers with stands. I would like to set something up in the living room but there are no corners for the Horns.

I attached the floor plan showing the position of the TV and couch. Any ideas for speaker placement?

Edit: I do have the "optional fireplace"



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2006-11-07 6:06 pm

Don't have to answer to anyone except my GF and my own aesthetic sensibilities.

I would prefer not to block the slider. The ceiling is an interesting idea but I don't think it would work well with the Frugal Horns as they need corners. Plus it would require some serious ground tackle to hold them up at 50lbs each. Not sure my landlord would be all to pleased:D

Maybe the ceiling would work with the B3S though. I will investigate. Might even look cool if it was done right.